The Idea


100%  original art  ……….  from artists around the world

100%  fairly traded  …..…  we split the profits with the artists 50/50

100%  ethical  …………..…  every painting sends a child to school


Educating Childen

Every painting we sell enables us to sponsor one rural Maasai child to attend school for a year in the Noonkodin Secondary School in Tanzania.  Its an amazing school – find out more about it here.  Students undertake 4 academic years to complete their qualifications.  That means we need to sell 4 paintings to sponsor a Maasai child all the way through school.  Alternatively, you can purchase one painting (which covers one year’s education) and donate £450 directly to cover the rest of the child’s secondary education.  When you purchase a painting, you can learn about the child you are sponsoring and can receive letters and stay in touch with them as they progress through the school.  Feel free to contact us for further details.

Meet the Students!



Fair Trade Art

Artists often don’t get paid fairly.  The Fair Trade Foundation does not currently include art as part of its certification program, so official ‘fairtrade’ art doesn’t exist.  There are other companies  selling ‘fair trade’ art, but they often pay their artists a ‘living wage’ or ‘minimum wage’, which is very low.  If we were to do this, we could pay our artists less than 50p per hour.

But we do things differently.  We split the profits equally with the artists.  Simple.  Fair.

This allows them to continue their work sustainably and provide for their families.  It allows us to maintain reasonable profits too.

Meet the Artists!



Where exactly does the money go?