Here are some of the students you have sponsored through purchasing Ethical Art!

Laata Lekishon

Meet Laata!  Laata is 13 – he’s a day student in Form 1.  Born in the village of Eluay, he lives 8km away and walks to school each day.  His family is poor, not owing any lifestock and Laata is the only child in the family to attend school.  Thanks to your sponsorship, he’s able to continue his studies for 2012!

Neema Johakim

Meet Neema!  Nemma is 14.  She’s a girl border in Form 2.  Neema’s family is poor – all their livestock died in the 2010/11 droughts, so her parents are dependent on their friends a relatives.  Thanks to you guys, she’s able to continue her education at the Noonkodin school for 2012, where she’s among the best in the class!

Nonkodin Secondary School

Find out more:  The Nookodin School



Empowering Girl Students

We’re particularly keen to sponsor girls in the local area.  Want to know why?


Can you Sponsor a Student?

Sponsoring a student at the Noonkodin couldn’t be easier:

1. Get in touch with us

2. Choose a student from those needing sponsorship

3. Pay £150 for a day student, or £240 for a boarding student

4. Stay in touch with them and see their progress!

Contact us for Details!