Meet Neema!

Notice the uniform?  She’s in school!


Six months ago, Neema’s future looked dim.  Her family lost their herd in recent droughts and now live in poverty.

By selling our art, we’re able to sponsor her education.  She’ll gain the qualifications she needs for a job and eventually provide for herself and her family!


Meet Sedo!

He’s an artist in Tanzania


Sedo loves painting and tries to make a living, but he doesn’t have access to western markets, where people can afford to pay a reasonable price for his work.

We help Sedo by promoting his work and splitting the profits with him 50/50 (after we’ve paid for a child’s education).  This way, he makes 25 times his regular rate!


Meet Me!

Iman Fadaei, social entrepreneur-in-training


In 2011, I visited Tanzania with my family (I’m second from left) and found out about the Nonkodin school.  I was inspired to try and find a way to help.

Today, Ethical Art helps artists by paying them fair prices, helps poor children by sponsoring their education, and makes profit as a social enterprise.